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What Are PCP Graduates Doing Now?



          A Few of Their Stories

Ma Wai Phyo Myint, 5th Wave

Wai PhyoWai Phyo Myint grew up in a village just outside of Monywa. Since she was young, she has had a keen eye for issues of social justice. As a schoolgirl she reported labor violations in her town and as a graduate she taught at a monastic school. In Yangon, she was a journalist for the Myanmar Times for five years before joining the Pre-Collegiate Program. She attended to Green Mountain College and during her summers she worked with both the ILO and Amnesty International. She is currently working at the Myanmar Center for Responsible Business as a Regional Outreach Manager. Now handling government relations, researching in the field, or writing a report with her team, she still carries a flame for social justice and a passion for learning peoples’ stories.

Ko Lin Sun Oo, 3rd Wave

LinAlready keen on issues of the environment and human rights, Lin Sun Oo joined PCP in 2006. For his internship, he served as an assistant to Smithsonian researchers in Myanmar’s largest tiger reserve. Majoring in environmental policy and philosophy, Lin graduated Magna Cum Laude and was awarded Phi Beta Kappa. He did research for the Center for Strategic and International Studies and left after a year to teach at the Pre-Collegiate Program. At the end of 2013 he and his colleagues opened Tagu Films. For the past two years, their productions have brought contemporary human and environmental concerns to a greater audience both in Myanmar and abroad.

Ko Nyantha Maw Lin, 1st Wave
NyanthaNyantha Maw Lin was a star member of the pioneer class of the Pre-Collegiate Program. After receiving a degree in political science from Carleton College, Nyantha returned immediately after graduation to teach at the Pre-Collegiate Program. He then took a job with Proximity Designs where he assisted in field research and the development of the organization’s strategic goals. Within four years of helping start the Yangon office of Vriens, Nyantha became Managing Director in 2015. Through all of this, he has continued to support younger alumni as they think about what ways they want to become involved in Myanmar’s evolving landscape.

Ko Aung Hein, 3rd Wave
Aung HeinAung Hein, a 2005 entrant to the Pre-Collegiate Program, graduated from government high school in Thanlyin and taught himself English by reading voraciously. On a scholarship at Earlham, his academic work and service participation won him the honor of student speaker at the Baccalaureate Ceremony. He earned a Master’s in international political economy at the University of Kent. As a teacher at the Pre-Collegiate Program in 2013, shared his great knowledge of economics, politics, and academic inquiry. Aung Hein is currently a research supervisor at a leading think tank in Myanmar, CESD, where he conducts studies of rural livelihoods, agricultural value chains, the minimum wage, and governmental service delivery to inform national policies on these critical structural issues.

          In Her Own Words

Ma May Thu Khine, 5th Wave

May ThuWhat is a favorite memory from PCP?  As a kid that grew up in the big, congested Yangon life, I was quite nervous about out-of-classroom learning when I was admitted to PCP.  Hiking and biking trips in Bagan were memorable personally since my confidence in my ability and stamina grew markedly.  My favorite memory would be digging an archeological zone in ancient Bagan area and finding broken pieces of pot.  That moment felt like I was re-discovering a part of my persona, my roots through archeological lessons on a field excursion.

How has PCP shaped what you see for yourself in the future (starting from now)?  Without PCP in the picture, I would have had a difficult time trying to decide for my future.  I was destined to become a physician, as is the case with most women in my family.  PCP instilled a love for liberal arts and learning and this has been a huge asset.

What are you doing now?  I have just recently started working as a close aide to Serge Pun, the founder and Chairperson of Serge Pun & Associates Group.

What does being a part of the PCP community mean to you?  It is a privilege to belong to a group of aggressively smart and passionate people who are also grounded and down-to-earth.  I have received help multiple times from my peers.  An important business tip came to me via a PCP alum when I was part of the bidding team for KFC, a project that changed my professional trajectory.