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Bonner Foundation Partner

Myanmar Internship Summer 2019

June 1 to August 10, 2019 OPEN TO BONNER RISING SENIORS

Join Myanmar’s Social Innovators working to bring about development!

Choose among five Yangon-based posts and work with a Burmese partner:

JOURNALIST – As a journalist for Health Digest you and your Burmese partner will be creating news stories that will inform and empower readers, promoting public health through journalism.

EDUCATOR – At Lumbini Academy you will join a vibrant elementary school, developing curriculum and teaching children at this bilingual science-based school to think with maps.

WEB DESIGNER – The intern at the Pre-Collegiate Program will design and develop a website that accurately reflects the academic excellence, innovation, and excitement of the program. Partnered with a recent PCP graduate you will report directly to the Program Director.

FILMMAKER – In working for Tagu Films you will join highly cooperative filmmakers who produce professional quality documentaries.

ED-TECH – The pair of interns at 360⁰ed will join an experienced staff member to develop and produce short, highly engaging educational videos of physics experiments to make high school science come alive!

Deadline to apply: January 25, 2019. All application materials should be sent to [email protected] with your name and internship site in the subject line.

Alumni of the Pre-Collegiate Program of Yangon, a small liberal arts high school, have already made their mark! Graduates include a Member of Parliament; a Yale PhD growing a quality liberal arts college; the co-founder of a trailblazing documentary film studio. How would you like to become part of this network? Students need to contribute $2,500 toward the full cost of $4,700. Private donors are covering the rest which includes all expenses: visa fee, orientation, round trip flight to Myanmar, in-country bus travel, food and lodging, local phone costs, two weeks of Burmese lessons, health and other insurance, all materials, pocket money, and weekend excursions. You will pay only for inoculations. Click here for the full application packet. Click here for the online application form that follows a desciption. Please send your question to any of us or to our group email [email protected]