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It’s May 11th, and we are so pleased here at the Pre-Collegiate Program that fifteen of the sixteen 13th wavers and one member of the 12th wave are all gearing up to head off to college in August of 2016. The students and faculty have all been put through the paces in the long footrace that is college admissions. Students have mined their souls in search of personal essays and drafted and redrafted the words which best reflect who each they are. Countless emails have been sent to find out about the communities at various colleges and what kind of generosity they have. Teachers flipped through rolodexes of memories to find stories which best represent their students. Our administrator has coached each and every student, and many parents, through the intricacies of financial aid forms and regularly altered the running list of the schools to which students would. There has been a windfall of help which has made the success of this year possible. All five faculty in the office did a tremendous job counseling students through reams of emails and websites and data. In the U.S., members of the Myanmar Analytic Foundation Board made phone calls to colleges on behalf of PCP applicants, and Dorothy alone kept a busy correspondence with several of the schools where our students are now matriculating. Generous individuals have come forward to sponsor particular students, and serendipitous new relationships with colleges helped a few secure full-rides for the coming years. Now the students’ self-made dawn is finally here! They lace up their boots in preparation for their travels, heading off to various corners of the globe. Heading off to Thailand, one student will be a Masters student at Chulalongkorn University. In the Midwest, we’ll have students at Concordia College Moorhead, Berea College, Colombia College Chicago, the College of Wooster, Wabash College, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Centre College. To the South, one will be trekking up Sawanee Hill and another will be enjoying the sun at Stetson University. In the East, the lucky winners are Randolph-Macon College, Bucknell University, Bennington College, University of Richmond.

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