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Partner with Us

There are a variety of great ways to contribute to PCP. Besides donating, you also can help Myanmar students hone their skills, explore a new field, and gain cross-cultural experience.

Sassy Helen

  • Teach During Your Sabbatical: Share your expertise with a dynamic group of students and learn the thoughts and perspectives of Myanmar youth.
  • Speak While You’re In Town: Take an hour to give a presentation or lead a discussion on a topic you care about. Engage, encourage curiosity, and be prepared to field a bevy of questions.
  • Study At Us: Tell a young person you know about a great opportunity to do a year of high school with us in Yangon. This opportunity is open to anyone ages 16-19 who speaks fluent English.
  • Request a Research Assistant: Have a PCP graduate work with you on your fieldwork or archive research. You may also be interested in our internship program.
  • Plan a Term Abroad with Us: Bring some of your undergraduates to study together with our students throughout Myanmar.