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Student Life


PCP students come from many different walks of life around Myanmar. Many students come from Yangon, but others come from Mandalay and Lashio, Meiktila and Tedim. Their parents come from a great variety of occupations, from architects to farmers. For all of their diversity, there are certain qualities which unite all PCPians. They are inquisitive, creative, and open in their thinking, and they are always seeking to improve their understanding. Does that sound like you?

Life at PCP

Do you want to learn more about biology?  Do you feel that you can learn more about Myanmar history by visiting Bagan’s temples than reading a textbook? Or perhaps you’d like to make new friends, social skills, and professional connections? No matter what you are interested in, you can follow your passion at PCP. Supported by knowledgeable teachers and like-minded students, you’ll take responsibility for your own learning and academic skills. Become more educated, more interested, and more skilled through discussion-based classes and experiences.


Discussion and collaboration sharpen critical thinking, develop social skills, and create tomorrow's leaders
Discussion and collaboration sharpen critical thinking, develop social skills, and create tomorrow’s leaders


Committing To Your Future

PCP is a rigorous 16-month course that gives students the academic, critical thinking, and social skills to become leaders and change makers for Myanmar’s future. We divide our school into four terms, the first three of which are spent at our downtown campus. During this time, which lasts from February through December, students take classes in variety of areas, in addition field trips every two weeks. We also work with students and their families to create a personalized plan to apply for admission and scholarships to study at a foreign university.

Our fourth term runs from January to June, and is somewhat more flexible. During this time we take a week-long field trip to rural Myanmar, and intern at a variety of organizations around the country. All students are expected to work full time, though the exact schedule will vary based on the organization’s specific needs.

We have class each week Monday through Friday, starting at 9:00 am sharp and usually finishing in the late afternoon or early evening. Occasionally, our field trip activities cause a slight change in the schedule. We also observe Myanmar’s official public holidays.

We believe that each course and experience contributes to shaping the future for our students and their communities. Therefore, all students must join PCP full-time. At PCP, students have access to highly dedicated and qualified teachers who work to help each student succeed. We therefore feel that outside tuitions are unnecessary and distracting.